Here's what happens when games come into DKOldies

Posted by Ben on Aug. 27th, 2021

Each and every day, we receive hundreds of orders that we have to pick, pack, and ship. We get new games in every day that go through a process that we like to call the "life cycle" of a game. Starting from intake all the way up to sealing the package, watch how we take care of orders by following this copy of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil through it's life cycle!

It all starts in our intake department where games and many other items are evaluated, all purchased by our Sell Your Games department! Our experts are trained to spot fakes and any issues with products moving through the department.

After we make sure everything checks out, it slides down to our Testing department where we pop it into a console and make sure that everything works fine. Any issues, like dead batteries, ruined chips, or scratched discs are found here and fixed. Any unsalvageable games are buried in our graveyard ⚰️ RIP

Then, when we're sure the game is working properly, we move it on over to the Cleaning department. Here we use a variety of cleaning products and tools to remove any marker, dirt or debris that might be on the cartridge.

Once the games are cleaned to our satisfaction, it goes on a cart and rolls over to our Inventory department. Here we go into the backend of our system and increase the quantity by 1. Now that it's in stock and on our website, we add it to our shelves where it awaits its new forever home.

It often doesn't take long for our products to get adopted into their new family. Once we get the game to our Shipping department, we once again go over the game to make sure everything is in tip top shape. We grab a mailer, put the game and packing slip inside and seal it up.

Finally it makes it to our bin to get picked up by our delivery drivers to make its final trip to its new home. 

So click here and pick up a copy of your favorite retro game today!

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