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Metroid Prime - GameCube Game

For some games the transition to 3D is easy. But, how do you recreate the intense focus on exploration, hidden secrets, and fearsome Science Fiction fire fights that always defined the Metroid series in a three dimensional world? That’s not an easy question to answer. In fact, it took eight years for the developers at Nintendo to create a game that could bring all the thrills of Super Metroid from the SNES to a new generation of gamers as well as gaming hardware. But, Metroid Prime proved to be more than worth the wait. Prime brought a different viewpoint to the game’s core design. Literally. For the first time ever, players saw the world through the eyes of Intergalactic Bounty Hunter, and occasional savior of the Universe, Samus Aran. However, Metroid Prime was far more than your typical first-person shooter. New weapons, gear, and keys were necessary to venture deeper into the Space Pirate’s stronghold, and finding them was crucial to progression. Additionally, Samus could still roll into her Morphball form to enter all manner of nooks, crannies, and air ducts to discover even more hidden goodies. This focus on exploration, coupled with state-of-the-art first-person gun fights made for an experience like no other. Metroid Prime wasn’t just a game that brought new life the adventures of Samus, it was a title that proved there was plenty of solid gameplay ideas to be found by revisiting what made older titles great. Today, Metroid Prime is largely recognized as one of the greatest games ever made, for its innovation, peerless design, and relentless pacing. Whether its your first time storming the alien fortresses of Tallon IV or you’re returning for another tour of duty, Metroid Prime is one game that never ceases to impress.

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Includes original game disc only. Complete option contains original game disc with manual in an original Nintendo GameCube case with cover art.

NTSC (US, Canada)
Action Adventure
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