NES Top Loader Pak - Discounted

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Nintendo NES Top Loader System Pak - Discounted

The redesigned NES system was modified to eliminate the common "blinking" problem associated with the original box design. This also allows this top loader system to play unlicensed and different region coded games such as PAL (Europe).
This Nintendo System and all its games and accessories are fully refurbished, cleaned, and tested. Our discounted systems are in used condition with cosmetic flaws like cracks, chips, discoloration etc but play like new. They are all guaranteed and backed by our 120 day return policy.

NES Packages descriptions:

Top Loader Pak - Original NES console discounted, 1 replica controller, TV hookup, and power cord.

*Please note that the zapper gun will only work on CRT (Tube) televisions. It will not work on any HD TVs i.e. Plasma, LED, LCD, DLP or projection style TVs.

Articles about the Nintendo NES System:

NTSC (US, Canada)
120 Day Warranty

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