Nintendo Power - Issue #1 July/August 1988


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Nintendo Power - Issue #1 July/August 1988

Original Nintendo Power 1st Volume in good condition with all pages, posters and ads intact. This copy shows minor wear from normal use. Nintendo Power was the official Nintendo subscription fan magazine that started in 1988 to promote and talk about all things Nintendo. The magazine ran through 4 decades and is the most successful video gaming magazine of all time.

This Issue Features Articles on:

  • Super Mario 2 Inside Info
  • Zelda 2 Walkthru
  • Baseball Round-Up - RBI, Bases Loaded, MLB
  • Double Dragon Maps
  • Gauntlet 100 Monster Rooms!
  • Contra High Action Game
  • Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy
  • NES Latest Releases Short Takes
  • NES Journal, Mailbox, Top Players, and Top 30 Games!
NTSC (US, Canada)
Manual & Guide
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