PaperBoy - NES Game

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PaperBoy - NES Game

Paperboy is a consummate arcade game. It starts with a simple goal: deliver some papers. Then, it makes you do it again. And again. Always, ratcheting up the difficulty a little bit each time. Can you handle the responsibility of maintaining your own paper route? Cute. Let’s see how well you handle under pressure. Because make no mistake, Paperboy is a test of your very mettle. How frequently will you make your stops when every vehicle on the road is out to mow you down? Hmmm? Still alive? Great. Let’s move on to the advanced stuff. Can you still get the news out while you dodge dive-bombing break-dancers, thwart home invasions, escape rabid dogs, and swerve around the ever-increasing number of tombstones that continue to conspicuously fill every yard on the block? What about death? Not the existential threat of it, either. No, we’re talking the actual Grim Reaper! How well will you be able to avoid throwing newspapers into the wrong yards, when the icy breath of the Angel of Death is constantly coursing down your neck? You’re still alive?!! Fine. It’s a shame about all these freak tornadoes that keep hitting your block, isn’t it Paperboy? Oh, and just so you know there’s no pressure, your route always ends in some sort of off-road skate park/paperboy biathalon that is being watched by a literal stadium of cheering spectators. The game just keeps piling on ever more insane obstacles against you and your paper route, like some vindictive god! And, daggumit if that doesn’t make it feel great when you beat it! Paperboy’s gorgeous graphics, and deceptively simple, arcade-perfect gameplay make it yet another fantastic arcade classic for the NES.

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