Pokemon Sapphire Version - GameBoy Advance Game

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Pokemon Sapphire Version - Game Boy Advance Game

Pokemon Sapphire Version was the single best selling Game Boy Advance title for a reason: it was awesome. It would have been easy for Nintendo to make up a handful of new Pokemon and basically just release a digitally upgraded rehash of the last six games. However, Pokemon Sapphire Version went above and beyond all expectations. It started from a blank slate. The original 251 Pokemon were almost completely absent, as you explored the all new land of Hoenn, where ancient magic and mysticism still flourished. It was a region where towering metropolises sat alongside mausoleums that literally filled mountains, and mysterious stone towers rose above the clouds. To compliment this wondrous new territory were 135 completely new Pokemon that forced players to forget everything they knew about Pokemon, and rediscover the game all over again. New battle mechanics like Pokemon Abilities and 2 v 2 matches revolutionized the series’ core gameplay. And if you wanted to experience the ultimate Pokemon challenge, the Battle Tower was always open for business. New gadgets, gear, and Pokemon abilities allowed you to run across the fields of Hoenn, plunge to the bottom of the sea, and BMX jump your bicycle over ravines, for entirely new worlds of exploration. The game’s story also set a new benchmark for the series. Yes, your dream was still to defeat eight gyms, and conquer the Elite Four to become a Pokemon Master. However, this time around all of that took backseat to a narrative where you gradually learned of a secret society’s plot to awaken a primal beast capable of ending the world. Naturally, you are the only person capable of thwarting this calamity, meaning the stakes had never been higher. Pokemon Sapphire Version was a game that rose to the task of being an adventure for a new generation of gamers. It’s a masterpiece in every sense of the word, and it’s guaranteed to make you fall in love with the world of Pocket Monsters all over again.
100% authentic Nintendo product. GBA game cartridge only. Great condition!!! Tested and works like new.
NTSC (US, Canada)
GameBoy Advance
120 Day Warranty

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