Legend of Zelda Gold - NES Game

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The Legend of Zelda (Gold) - NES Game

Preserved in all of it’s shiny glory, this is an original Golden The Legend of Zelda Nintedo game cartridge. Bought from a private collection, this masterpiece has been lovingly restored by our trained team of retroware experts. Cleaned, polished to a mirror sheen, and tested for optimal performance, this game is guaranteed to run as smoothly as it did in ‘86. Does anything even need to be said about this game? Over three decades later, and Legend of Zelda remains the most iconic fantasy game ever made. Pop it into your original NES system, and prepare to be transported back to that first time you ventured into the land of Hyrule. Sporting the greatest single 8-bit soundtrack ever composed, Zelda’s score is the lullaby of a generation. It’s a timeless classic that has spawned countless sequels, but none that capture the pure magic of the original adventure. If you loved the Nintendo, you loved Zelda. A must have for any collection.

Zelda the NES collectors edition is a gold colored limited ed. cartridge. As Link you must successfully navigate eight unique dungeons across the vast world of Hyrule, upgrade and buy new items and obtain pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom, infiltrate Ganons fortress and destroy him with the silver arrow. The Legend of Zelda is considered the most challenging and one of the highest rated games of all time. Own the first game in the series that took the Nintendo world by storm.

NTSC (US, Canada)
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