R.O.B. The Robot Nintendo NES Accessory (Not Fully Functional)

R.O.B. The Robot NES (Not Fully Functional)


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This is the original Nintendo ROB Robot only. It has been tested and does not fully function properly. The R.O.B. is in sold for parts, repair or decorative purposes only.

Robotic Operating Buddy, R.O.B. is a small robot with 2 arms. R.O.B. is an interactive Game interface between The Game and The player. Basically, you tell R.O.B. To do stuff using The NES controller, and he does it, affecting Game play. For example, you tell R.O.B. To pick up a block and he does and the game responds to this. You need to time R.O.B.'s Actions with the onscreen action.
NTSC (US, Canada)
120 Day Warranty

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