Snake's Revenge Metal Gear 2 - NES Game


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Snake's Revenge Metal Gear 2 - NES Game

The following orders may be ignored by cowards, traitors and enemy spies.
After his ironclad plan to rule the world rusted away, crazed Colonel Vermon CaTaffy went psycho. Unfortunately, your two best friends took the brunt of his frenzy and lost their fight to live.
As nutty as ever, Cataffy has sought asylum from the worlds premier bad guy - Higharolla Kockamamie. Gratefull to this "Rolla Radical, the Colonel has donated the biggest, baddest Ultra-Sheik Nuclear Atrtack Tank to his fellow madmen's world dominating cause.
Now your mission is not only to save Earth, but to inflict revenge. It's a job you'll definately take personally as you infiltrate a nation of armed lunatics. Blow up a battleship, Hijack a train, locate dozens of weapons and a truth serum that'll force enemy commanders to spill their guts. Then, destroy Vermon, Highrolla and the Earth threatening Device with one lethal blow. All this, while staying in radio contact with a foxy spy named Jennifer and a Stealth copter pilot who'll be hovering nearby.
So whadaya think, Snake - are you commando enough to handle this Kockamamie scheme?!

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NTSC (US, Canada)
Action Adventure
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