About Us

DKOldies Is Not Your Typical Online Store

DKOldies is a online retro video game store located in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, that specializes in caring for original Nintendo N64s, Game Cubes, Wiis, and more original game systems and accessories from the 80's and 90's. What makes us different?

At DKOldies, we are a family that wants to keep retro gaming alive by only providing the very best. We believe that everyone can enjoy retro games and everybody is welcomed, no matter how much gaming knowledge they have. Our diverse team of military vets, retro gaming nuts, hard-working youth, and working parents are all knowledgeable and honest. As a team, we reach for the same goal - to make sure that DKOldies is the place of quality, honesty, and integrity that you look for in a retro game store. Sadly, DKOldies is fully online, and because of this, we do not allow customers to enter the home office or distribution center to shop.

No Fakes, Reproductions, or Modded Products are Allowed Here

There are so many fakes out being produced that are getting harder to spot as time goes on. Like our memories, we want our old games to be authentic, genuine, and 100% original. We have many checks in place with our last line of defense being DKOldies' main Retro Technician, Dustin. Dustin is a military veteran who takes retro quality and integrity to the highest level, and is an expert on the inside and out of every game and console ever made. Because of this, he has been placed in charge of the refurbishing process and quality control of every item here at DKOldies. If our games and consoles do not look and function as if they're brand new, we will not sell them.

The Customer Service You Have Been Looking For

Do you need help figuring out what game goes with what system, how to hook up your console to your HDTV, or just want to talk to some really nice people with retro gaming knowledge? You can contact us through call, email, or message us for any issues and you will likely talk to Joey - our Customer Service Specialist. He loves talking with the Fed-Ex person, the mail carrier, the kid at the drive-thru, and the lady who walks her dog past our office, and will gladly help you sort through any issues. We understand that purchasing things online can be difficult, so we try to sort through any problems before the occur; if they do, we will work to ensure the issue does not happen again.

Joey and DKOldies Socia Media

Joey, a pivotal member of DKOldies, has played a central role in the company's online presence and customer engagement. Initially working in the warehouse, Joey's passion for social media and innate ability to connect with people led him to delve into creating engaging content, ultimately driving the company's communication strategies. His focus on understanding customer comments and concerns has not only strengthened the customer-business relationship but has also guided DKOldies' direction, fostering a more personalized, customer-centric approach. Joey's unwavering dedication has facilitated DKOldies in adapting its offerings to better serve its loyal retro gaming community, solidifying its position as a beloved hub for enthusiasts revisiting the classic gaming era.

How DKOldies Began

I've been playing video and arcade game for as long as i can remember, and have always thought about them non-stop. Their digital worlds were so vast and the video game scene felt like an underground rebellion. At 13, I began working at an arcade, I loved the old machines! sadly because of how quickly games have progressed and developed, the arcade I worked at was only in business for a short while.

At the age of 15. I got a job at a local comic book and baseball card store. I loved it and worked there over the next 6 years, learning how to run a retail store, what customers wanted, and how they wanted to be treated.That store was really amazing, I loved old collectibles and understood why they were so important to our customers. It had old sealed packs of cards from the 70's, every old comic book you could think of, and it had a real family atmosphere that made everyone feel welcomed. A few years later, the owner of that store sold the business in the late 90's to Electronic Boutique. It quickly went out of business, and just as quickly as that happened, I learned how differently a family owned business was operated in comparison to a big corporation, and I felt as though a lot of quality customer service was lost under the corporate model.

In the early 2000's I began selling old NES games online and it felt like I was working at the comic book shop again personally helping people complete their collections. I immediately started buying and selling old games, using everything I had learned from my previous work experience. I started up a warehouse in my basement and soon had to hire my retired father just to keep up with my quickly growing business. Over the last 19+ years, DKOldies has only grown bigger through our website by appealing not only to the hard core video gamers, but also to the rest of us who just want to go back to experience and share some of their favorite childhood memories.

DKOldies.com is a site made for the modern day, but built on the original principles I learned working for brick and mortar businesses. My staff and I care about you, your family, and especially the games we provide for all of you to enjoy together or separate. We strive to live up to our positive reviews and work to give our customers the best service available through our reviews. I’ve always known that life can be full of hardship, but buying video games shouldn’t be one of them - therefore i made the site to be easy to navigate with a simplified ordering process. DKOldies.com is a site for everyone, and I hope you enjoy your stay. A place where you can find everything while feeling safe and welcomed while doing your thing. My goal is to create an online store that feels like an old collectible shop that I used to work in during my childhood; I love collecting and playing old games and want you to love it too!


2846 Main St #5A
Morgantown PA 19543
Mon-Fri, 8:00am-4:00pm ET