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New 70% Discount For International Customers: Canada, Australia and New Zealand!

Posted by Drew Steimel on ships worldwide everyday and because we have so many loyal customers around the world, we have reduced our International Shipping Rates by up to 70%.

DKOldies has partnered with a one of the largest International shipping companies in the world this week and shipping costs are now reduced by up to 70% for select countires. We understand that shipping can be expensive, so we have passed 100% of the discounts along to you and reduced the shipping costs to an all time low.

If you live in Canada, Australia or New Zealand your shipping rates have now been lowered by up to 70% on all sales and you can now ship to your country for as low as $2.99.

More countries will be added as soon as possible.

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Castlevania Netflix: Release Date, Show Poster and Plot Details

Netflix has announced that there will be a Castlevania show coming out in 2017.  The upcoming show is reported to be ultra violent, adult themed and awesome. We got some new details from the creators about the show can't wait till it comes out. Shop for Original Castlevania GamesNetflix has posted that the 1st season [...]

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1700+ PS2 Game Collection Just In

A Private video game collector just sold us a huge PS2 game collection. Hundreds of PS2 games that we never knew existed in all very good condition are all now out for sale. Shop the PS2 collection before the best games are gone. Since DKOldies specializes in retro Nintendo games, we have to liqudate these PS2 [...]

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Why Nintendo Said "No More NES Classic System"

Nintendo released a statement yesterday saying they will no longer produce or sell the NES Classic System. Before the announcement you could buy the brand new console for $80, now 1 day later they are close to $300. The NES Classic is a replica of the Original Nintendo Entertainment System from 1985 with 30 of the best [...]

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New Retron 5, Retron 1 & SupaBoy S Bundle Packs In Stock

Looking for some brand new retro game consoles with the best games? DKOldies just added some new bundle packs to your favorite Retron and Supaboy systems.1. Retro 1 with Super Mario Bros 1, 2, & 3The greatest cheapest NES console you can buy now with the 3 greatest games ever made.1. Retron 5 with 5 [...]

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History of Hyrule: The Official Legend of Zelda Timeline

Did you know there was an official Nintendo Legend of Zelda Timeline? A historic map of how all the Zelda games line up in time? I thought they were all tall tales told over the generations and spread by word of mouth, ever changing, yet remaining the same? That's what we were all told in the [...]

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How To Make The Perfect Valentines Day Old School NES Date Night

Flowers, candy and maybe some old school Plumber/Princess smooching? This is the time for love and there is no better way to celebrate than hanging out with that special somone and reliving some great memories or even making some new ones. So how can you pull off the greatest Valentines Day ever? Just follow these simple [...]

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What Are The Differences Between Tecmo Bowl And Tecmo Super Bowl?

With the Super Bowl happening this Sunday, there's no better way to celebrate the event than with a few games of the retro Tecmo Bowl series. Recognized as the best football games for the NES, there are Tecmo Bowl titles on other platforms as well. NES SNES Genesis Tecmo Bowl Tecmo Super Bowl Tecmo Super Bowl Tecmo Super Bowl Tecmo Super Bowl II: Special Edition Tecmo Super [...]

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Banjo-Kazooie for N64 Takes Platform Games To A Whole New Level!

If you liked Super Mario 64, you're going to love Banjo-Kazooie! The game is an action platformer for the N64, made by the acclaimed developer Rare. You play as Banjo the bear and his friend Kazooie as you try to stop the evil witch Gruntilda's plan before time runs out.The game builds on Super Mario 64's [...]

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New SupaBoy S Review: Best Retro Nintendo Handheld?

The SupaBoy has always been one of those products that make you say "Wow!" It's a handheld SNES game system and with the huge success of the original, the company that develops them, Hyperkin, has decided to release an updated version. The new and improved SupaBoy S offers several awesome features. In an upgrade from the earlier [...]

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