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Sell old video games for cash Online and get paid fast. You can sell or trade everything you have, like used Nintendo NES games, N64 consoles and all retro game collections, even Playstation and Xbox, no matter how big or small. Experience the best place for selling games and consoles with fast quotes, free shipping, and personalized support.
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Price List

We buy everything, but open the Price List below to see what we’re looking for! Price List Updated:

Nintendo 64 N64


Nintendo NES

Super Nintendo SNES


Wii U


GameBoy Color

GameBoy Advance - GBA

Nintendo DS

Nintendo 3DS

Sega Genesis

Sega Game Gear

Sega Dreamcast

PlayStation 1 - PS1

PlayStation 2 - PS2

PlayStation 3 - PS3

PlayStation 4 - PS4

Playstation Portable - PSP

Sega Saturn

Xbox Original

Xbox 360

Xbox One

Atari 2600

Nintendo Switch

*Cartridge prices are game only.

*Disc and DS/3DS prices are complete with case and manual.

(▲/▼ price has gone up or down since last week.)

How to Sell

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  1. Email us a list of everything you have to sell.
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Ship to: DKOldies - Sell Your Games 2846 Main St #5A Morgantown PA 19543 

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Call Us at 610-901-3704 Mon-Fri 8:00am to 4:00pm ET. We will get back to you within 1 business day*.

*Everything is to be in overall salable condition and North American (NTSC) products. Non Repairable and repairable items get no credit or partial credit if parts can be salvaged.  We reserve the right to refuse to buy anything for any reason. All transactions are final, we do not return damaged or counterfeit games or systems. Your invoice is valid as long as you ship your package(s) within 2 business days. If packages contain an outdated, unapproved price list and/or no price list, then the current list will apply. (*Our email, phone and payment times are our average estimates and are subject to change based on traffic. We return emails and calls based on a first come first serve basis and move as fast as we can.)

*Disc and DS/3DS games are listed as complete, with original case, artwork and manual, loose games will still be purchased at a discounted price. PlayStation 1 games are listed as black label, not greatest hits, unless specified. 

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