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Repair Center - Nothing is Broken

Play your classic games forever. If you have any old games that won't play anymore or batteries that won't save your game, we can help you.

Cartridge Cleaning:

Clean your old cartridge games. A cleaning process that will make your games look nice and will end with a testing to ensure playability. Service is good for most cartridge based platforms: NES, SNES, N64, Genesis, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance.*

 $5.99 Per Game Plus Return Shipping


Want to learn how to clean retro cartridges on your own?


Battery Replacement:

Is your Zelda game not saving anymore? DK Oldies will professionally remove, replace, and test your new battery so you can start saving your favorite games once again. Service is offered for the replacement of NES, SNES, N64, Genesis, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance batteries. Battery Replacement will fix games that are not saving in nearly all cases. 

$13.99 Per Battery Replacement Plus Return Shipping



Want to replace the GameBoy battery yourself?


Disc Resurfacing:

Does your PS2 game look terrible with dozens of scratches?  Is it glitching on level 4?  We may be able to help. DKOldies will professionally resurface your disc game. Service is offered for just about any disc game platform including PlayStation, Xbox, GameCube and Wii. Disc resurfacing could fix your games that are not playing properly.* 

$7.99 Per Disc Plus Return Shipping


How to get your games repaired:

Send us an email to:

If we approve the repairs, we will provide a packing slip that includes all the information needed for us to receive your package. Upon receiving your package, we will then contact you once our diagnostics/repairs have been completed. We will only perform repair services on original, stock products. We do not perform repairs on systems with mods, nor do we mod systems. Any counterfeit products will be refused and shipped back to you. 

*Cleanings and resurfacing are not guaranteed to fix complete functionality of the game. 


"I had about thirty games that would not work because they needed cleaning. They were cleaned and now work perfectly. Saved me a ton of money instead of buying new ones."