Basic Cleaning tips for Cartridge Games

Posted by on May. 6th, 2014

Does your system blink when you put the game in? Is the system or the game broken? The truth is they are most likely both fine and your games just need a good cleaning once every year or so. These games are over 25 years old and if you remember when the system came out your getting old and could use a good cleaning as well probably. Regular cleaning is required with these old games because of the dust and dirt that will build up on the metal connector that sticks out of the bottom of the game. Cleaning this connector will resolve issues of blinking screens and poor play quality and here is the most effective and easiest wayto do it:

  • 1.Take a q-tip and dip one side in rubbing alcohol. Wet both sides of the metal game connector that sticks out of the bottom of the game. Then, take the dry end of the q-tip and rub very hard up and down on each piece of metal. Repeat this process until all the dirt/dust is removed.
  • 2.Wait for the game to dry then enter it in the machine all the way. Remove it and repeat step one. This will clean the chip inside your machine.

72 Pinn Connector Clean vs Dirty

This basic step will get your games working again and should resolve your issue with blinking screens, freezing game play and other common issues. Also this techniques will work on all cartridge based games. Please be aware that these issues were common years ago and would happen even when the game or system is brand new. There are more advanced and more basic techniques for cleaning your games and systems and we will go over them all here in future articles.

For further details visit DKOldies Repair Center.

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