​ Tecmo Super Bowl Game Tips & Strategies

Posted by on May. 13th, 2014

Posted on October 8, 2010 by DKLets Gets ready for some Tecmo FootballBills vs EaglesThe NES console gets taken from the stack and the AC and RF gets plugged in cause it’s time for some Tecmo Supe … read more

The Sharp NES TV

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Posted on January 5, 2012 by DK The Sharp Nintendo NES System was released in 1989 and was noted for having a clearer picture than the original NES. This is a Nintendo Entertainment System mad … read more

Castlevania Facts…

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Here are some interesting facts about Castlevania that I have found during my treacherous journeys into Draculas’ Castle. -The story of Castlevania follows Simon Belmont as he battle … read more

Get Your NES Games To Work Every Time

Posted by on May. 12th, 2014

NES games blinking? Do you think your Nintendo Entertainment System is broken? Try this fail proof gaming fix from and it’s so simple, anyone can do it. 1. When In Doubt, Blow … read more

RPG Heaven

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RPG SNES HeavenAn amazing RPG's that you probably have never played!Robotrek SNES GameThis rare RPG for the SNES is a hidden gem. This game takes place in the future where you can invent and create it … read more