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Posted by DKOldies.com on May. 13th, 2014

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Lets Gets ready for some Tecmo Football

Bills vs Eagles

The NES console gets taken from the stack and the AC and RF gets plugged in cause it’s time for some Tecmo Super Bowl. Chris always plays using the Bills, he sets his plays and looks over his players making the usual substitutions. He always uses Don Beebe as his TE and subs his Kick returners. He has 1 shotgun pass play and 1 shotgun fullback running play. Every other run play goes to Thurman Thomas and every pass play always has a TE Slant play so he can dump off to Don Beebe in the middle if he has too. He finishes his changes and walks away waiting for me me to pick my team and change my plays. You see I use the Eagles and he winds up winning about 75% of the games we play so I change my tactics all the time to get the best of him.

Player Substituions

Player condition is everything.

Today I go right in and check all my offensive and defensive players condition. When a players condition is good his stats increase, when his condition is bad they decrease and this will change every time you play. So let see what I have today. Randall Cunningham (QB), Fred Barnett (WR), Keith Jackson (TE), and Ben Smith (LCB) all have condition good today. I Make Barnett my kick and punt returner and keep him as my #1 receiver. Everyone else I keep the same.

Changing Plays

Formation, Formation, Formation…

I make every running play and pay play keep the same formation. If your running plays have 2 backs in the back field then keep this throughout everything and the same thing if you use 1 back in the backfield. Also keep an eye out for where the WR and TE lines up. If you can have everything the same then I think you have an advantage. My running plays all will go to Byars and have one sweep to the right, one to the left and a run up the middle. I will also change the QB sneak to match my formations and like the one that runs right up the middle. My passing plays all keep the same formation as my running plays and make sure I have 2 shotgun plays because I like to use these as running option plays with Cunningham’s speed.

Lets start this thing

Defense – Find his weakness.

On Defense I would try to guess his play in the beginning and use my LCB Ben Smith (good condition) to cover receivers. After the first quarter I noticed his formations were different. All his running plays had single set backs and only 1 of his pass plays were. So I would call that pass play everytime and if it came to be a single set formation I would rush the backfield right off the snap. He gets a lot of yards passing to Lofton with a screen pass. Don Bebe gets his yards no matter what and Loften and Risen seem to catch any thing thrown to them no matter how covered they are.

Offense – Work your strengths..

On offense I balanced pass/run but really try to mix up what I do. I won’t run on first down every time or pass on 3rd and long every time. I like to set a pattern in the 1st quarter and then change in the second and so on. When rushing the ball I always like to stay with my blockers and tap that A button like crazy when rushing through holes just in case I get grabbed. When Passing I would pass to Barnett (good condition) if he was remotely open or if everyone was covered. I like to drop back and then act like I’m going to rush my qb just enough for the human player to bite and then hit my receiver going long. If he doesn’t bite I will run and get 10 to 15 yards.

And the winner is?

With these tips how could I lose.

We played and I wound up winning 21 to 14. Lets see how long it takes for him to figure out my strategies and what I will need to change. I will post again with what I do next. If you have some tips for me let me know. If you want us to play as other teams and work out some strategies just let us know.

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