3rd Party Memory Card 8mb - Playstation 2 (PS2)

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3rd Party Memory Card 8mb - Playstation 2. Tested and workd like New, this 3rd Party Memory Card 8mb will work on The Playstation 1, 2, and 3 Systems.

How To use PS2 Memory Cards on The PS3

Step 1: Plug in your PS2 memory card inTo The adapter, Then plug The adapter inTo The USB port.

STEP 2: The PS2 memory card icon and it's utility will appear under The Game menu. You can't use a PS2 memory card directly; this is was a published let down from last year. Instead, you must import The data inTo The hard drive as a virtual 8MB volume.

STEP 3:Assign a slot. In Games,  hold down The P Button for five seconds To get The quit Game menu and a New "Assign Slots" Button will appear There. This will let you select your virtual memory card.
NTSC (US, Canada)
120 Day Warranty

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