72 Pin Connector - Nintendo NES


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72 Pin Connector - Nintendo NES

Your Games aren't working, you've cleaned everything and still no luck. It may be that system that has been on the shelf for 25 years. Get a new pin for your Nintendo NES console. Replace it and start playing games like it was 1985!
Don't know how to open your NES and replace the pin yourself? Check out DKOldies 72 Pin Replacement Tutorial Video
**Remember this is not guaranteed to fix your system in all cases. DK cannot be responsible for fixing your system. All this is, is the part to go in your NES System and replace the old part. If you install it correctly and everything else is working properly, this will work. If the problem is not the pin but something else in your system, then this pin will not work.**
NTSC (US, Canada)
120 Day Warranty

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