Banjo Kazooie - N64 Game

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Banjo Kazooie - N64 Game

Banjo Kazooie is a masterpiece. With the arrival of the Nintendo 64’s revolutionary 3D graphics, game studios were able to create digital worlds of unparalleled detail. This gave rise to what is lovingly remembered as the Collectathon genre. The goal of these games was to search every lovingly-rendered inch of the world to find all kinds of secrets and treasures. Sort of like a scavenger hunt, with about a million other adventures and mini-games on the side. And it all began with Banjo Kazooie. What makes this game so great is that there’s never one mammoth goal you’ll be tackling. The world isn’t about to be destroyed. There is no princess in peril. You’re just a cartoon Bear, sporting a backpack where his cartoon Bird pal likes to chill. All nine game worlds are brimming with this cartoonish, colorful, personality. And it just makes wandering through them an absolute delight. As you explore, you’ll be presented with a smorgasbord of fun, little tasks to choose as you please. Collect a golden puzzle piece, listen to some musical fanfare. Then move on to the next thing on the itinerary. Congratulations. You just spent five hours playing this game and didn’t even notice. Banjo Kazooie is notorious for just how easily it sucks you in. And that’s because every bit of it is just plain, honest fun. And really, isn’t that what every game ought to be? It’s a 64-bit classic that hasn’t aged a day. Play it, replay it, and fall in love with its irresistible charms all over again.

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Action Adventure
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