CHromehounds XBOX 360 Live Build Tips 1

Posted by on Apr. 29th, 2014

Posted on May 6, 2014 by DK

Building Hounds in Chromehounds XBOX 360 Live:

These main tips are for all but Scouts:

  1. Hide your cab. The main cab is a huge target, the best way is to somehow cover it, use splitters and such to make it so weapons are in front of the cab or items such as generators.
  2. If your not going to hide your cab, buy a tough cab, though you’ll still die quickly.
  3. Build it for a purpose, if you want a a tough defender build it on 4 legs with plenty of guns, and most importantly plenty of fuel and a decent generator to power them, as a defender the main thing is pure weapons power to overwhelm then attackers.
  4. Never have big guns on two legs and never have multibarreled big guns on anything other than Quadrapods otherwise the recoil will knock the shot off and spin your whole vehicle.

Scouts are best as light nimble things with fire armaments, basic weapons if any and tool wise. you want useful items. If its a night level then get the flare gun because not all your team-mates will have night vision equipped so will be blind unless you illuminate the enemy for them. It's also good to equip nightvision for yourself so then you see the enemy and can set up flare shots better.

Useful Tools:

  • mine dispensers: it might sound bad but no-one seriously uses mine dispensers sensors anymore so using mines can really ambush the enemy and give your team that advantage.
  • bomb dispensor: even as a scout you can attack the base because you can normally outrun the defenders and with bombs you cause major damage before they realize you are there.
  • communication blocker: against human opponents a communication blocker means you can really destroy the enemy by seperating and cutting off their communication allowing many more ambushes.

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