​ Explaining Classic Nintendo Games and Systems for Beginners

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Posted on February 25, 2009 by DK

NES, SNES, N64, FC, GN, etc…? This is all very simple to old gamers who owned all these systems and grew up playing these games, but to new gamers and others this is very confusing stuff. Lets try to explain all this so you can hit thr ground running and learn the basics.

The Nintendo Entertainment System is Nintendo’s first Video Game console

...came out in the the mid 80′s. It is nick named the NES or Nintendo NES and will play 8-bit Nintendo games or NES games. This system has over 700 different “NES Games” to choose from including all time favories like Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Duck Hunt and more. This system will also work with the NES Light Gun (Zapper), Power Pad, Power Glove and other crazy accessories that were made for this system. Now, only 8-bit NES games will work on this system and there is usually some minor cleaning that is required to get these games working like new.

Nintendo Entertainment System, NES Console

The Super Nintendo is Nintendo’s Second Console

...is refferred to as the “SNES”, Super NES or Super SNES. This came out in the early 90′s and improved slightly on the first NES console. It now loads games from the top of the system so the connection is better, also this system will play 16 bit games giving the graphics a boost. The Super Nintendo or “SNES” will not play the 8-bit NES games and only play SNES, sorry no backward compatiblity like todays consoles. There are over 600 different SNES Nintendo games and many sequels to your NES favorites like Super Metroid, Zelda Link to the Past, Super Mario World and more.

Super Nintendo System, Super NES, SNES System

The Nintendo 64 is the 3rd

Nintendo Console and is called the N64 for short. It came out in the mid 90′s and took us into the 3D world with a new controller and enhanced graphics. This system will play 32 bit games and most of these games use the controllers thumbstick instead of the old thumbpad from the previous systems the NES and SNES. This system was the first to use a rumble pack to make your controller vibrate. One imprtant fact about this system is that it comes with a removable jumper pak inside. The jumper pack looks like a memory card and fit in a slot on the top front of the system. Now the system will not play without it and some games like Donkey Kong 64 and Zelda Majoras Mask require an upgraded jumper pak called the expansion pak. Like the previous systems only its own games, N64 games will play on the system.

Nintendo 64 System, N64

FC Twin, FC3, GN Twin etc…

These systems came out only a few years ago and are still currently being made and upgraded. They are not made by Nintendo but will play all the original games. The great thing about these is that they play more than 1 kind of game. The FC Twin will play NES and SNES games, the GN Twin will play Sega Genesis games and NES games and the FC3 will play all three: NES, SNES, and Genesis. These systems work great and only a few minor compatablitlity issues.

FC Twin NES SNES/System

Alright you are on your way and armed with the basic information to go out and buy some classic games and systems.

All these Systems and games can be purchased safely at www.DKOldies.com, they all come as you would expect with all the proper pieces you need. Be careful buying elsewhere. I have heard many stories like ” I got a great buy on that N64 system but it didn’t come with the jumper pak so I couldn’t play any games. Or the NES System I got didn’t work and the seller is no longer there to exchange it or refund it. This kind of thing happens all the time so be careful out there and if you have any question contact us at www.DKOldies.com,

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