1700+ PS2 Game Collection Just In

Apr. 26th, 2017

A Private video game collector just sold us a huge PS2 game collection. Hundreds of PS2 games that we never knew existed in all very good condition are all now out for sale. Shop the PS2 collection before the best games are gone.

Since DKOldies specializes in retro Nintendo games, we have to liqudate these PS2 games asap. We have them out for sale now and have them priced well below what they normall sell for. 

We were contacted over a month ago about maybe buying these games. The seller just wanted them gone and didn't know who would buy them. There were well over a thousand and he didn't want to waste time typing up all the titles. He also didn't want someone to cherry pick all the good titles and leave him with only common games. We told him that if he gave us a fair price we would buy them and give him shipping labels, so he could ship everything for free. All he would have to do was pack them up and ship them off.

He agreed and we received more than 1700 PS2 games in several large boxes. It took us a while to go through them all, make sure they worked and get them out for sale. But they are out now so if you were looking to complete your collection, now is the time.

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Sale Ends May 1st

Shop The PS2 Game Collection Now

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