4 Days of Buying Huge Nintendo Collections "What's Your Favorite?"

Posted by DKOldies.com on Oct. 10th, 2014

Week 1 of Game Buying Fun Oct. 2014

What day is your favorite and what do you want to see more details about? 

"Let me know in the comments section below."

Day 1: Starting the Week off Right with some Retron 5 Systems

The Retron 5 system delivery was huge. We created a Retron 5 defensive wall. It was like playing Minecraft. We built a house inside.

Day 2: A Little of everything.

Here we got in a few small collections that included some great titles for the NES, SNES, N64, and Playstation. There are some pretty rare PS1 games, along with some really cool strategy guides.

Day 3: NES Consoles

1 SYG collection had all of those NES systems, including the Action Set in box. That was a huge box! Besides that was a couple smaller game collections that had some expensive NES titles and some cool Game Boy games. We added that to our Nintendo wall, it's quite a site this year. If people like this day I will show the wall of NES systems next week.

Day 4: The Motherload

Wowo, Thursday was a crazy day, we got in like 10 collections that were all stacked full of awesome gaming stuff. Complete SNES, Genesis, NES and N64 games. Complete Systems in box, including that sweet Game Gear and Green Gameboy. Also, just a ton of awesome Nintendo game carts. I took detailed pics of the boxes and and games.

What Day was the Best?

Let me know in the "comments section below" what day you want to see more of. I took more deatiled pictures of everyday, but will only show one on next weeks blog post.

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