5 Awesome Nintendo Themed Game Rooms

Posted by DKOldies on Jun. 14th, 2015

Want a room specifically designated for gaming? Make this dream a reality. You will not want to miss these rooms, if not for design purposes or for the drool effect. Try to answer the bonus questions for a 1-UP.

1. Giant NES System Room!

Check out the Giant NES table top! Complete with two giant controllers. Oh Yeah! This is a nice item for anyone who has extra space in front of there CRT Television set. Don't you love these? Bonus: There is a Yoshi egg, baby Yoshi and what on the wall? 

2. Crazy Collection Room

Easy access for all the NES titles in this collection, along with some nice plush dolls and come Complete systems in box on top. This is a real deal collection.

3. WTF?

OMG! This is a collection in Australia and it is massive. Plushy up the wazoo, There's MarioYoshiDonkey KongPac-Man, Mega Man, and countless others. Bonus: If you look close enough you can spot the master sword also.

4. OCD Room!

Extremely clean and compact design in this game room. Kudos on the shelving units attached to the wall for what looks to be for Game Boy cartridges. I love the 8 bit holiday fireplace on the TV also.

5. It's Not The Size That Matters Room

Finally, the piece de resistance. A gigantic Game Boy Color with the Mario Bros. Arcade wall and some green pipes for accents. Bonus: Can you spot the Atari symbol some where in this picture?

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