5 Games That Should Be In Your NES Collection But Probably Aren't

Posted by Joey on Sep. 9th, 2016

Building an NES collection is not only a fun endeavor, but can be viewed as an investment as well. Most collections start with the common titles but as you get into the rarer games the price can go up and they can be much harder to find. While not the rarest or most expensive, these 5 games are ones we seldom see and usually don't stay on the shelves for long. 

5) Faria

This game was developed by Game Arts who went on to make the famous Grandia series. This RPG is notoriously difficult, featuring invisible enemies and hidden passages. This colorful and endearing game is a great addition to any collection.

4) Bomberman II

This NES title features similar gameplay to the original Bomberman but expanded on the idea by adding multiplayer modes. You can now play a 2 player game as well as a 3 player game by using the NES Four Score or NES Satellite

3) Alfred Chicken

Alfred Chicken, a play on 'chicken alfredo', is often remembered for it wacky methods of promotion during its release. One such method was the use of a toll-free number that customers could call to hear Alfred give a short promotional speech about the game.

2) Color A Dinosaur

This coloring book video game was developed by FarSight Studios and was released in 1993. There were no bells and whistles with this title, and it has been called 'one of the worst games for NES'. It was described by reviewers as "Mario Paint without anything fun in it". One interesting thing however, the game manual is actually a coloring book.  Despite its shortcomings, your collection won't be complete without it!

1) Battletoads/Double Dragon

An amazing crossover between two excellent franchises, Battletoads/Double Dragon is a beat 'em up that received great critical acclaim. The game won many awards and is still remembered favorably. Any collector would be eager to get their hands on this title.

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