5 Reasons Tecmo Super Bowl is Still The Best

Posted by Steven Collier on Jan. 29th, 2016

The greatest football game of all time was already released in 1991, and it was Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES. Every other football game has built off the perfect framework of this Nintendo 8-bit original. These are the five reasons why Tecmo Super Bowl is still on top of its game.

5. First To Let You Play As Real Teams

Tecmo Super Bowl was the first game to be endorsed by both the NFL and the NFL Players Association. What this means is that it was the first video game to actually allow you to play as real teams and real athletes. So, if you've ever enjoyed playing a game as your favorite team, guess what? You have Tecmo to thank for setting that precedent.

4. Mistakes Are Part Of This Game

Yeah. Okay, I know that doesn't really sound like a pro. But prior to Tecmo Super Bowl, you played football games where the ball would just fly to any team member's hands like a guided missile. Convenient and boring. Fumbles added some real risk and tension to your passes and made the game a lot more exciting. But that was nothing compared to the fact that players could get injured and benched for the rest of the game. For the first time actions had consequences, and it was awesome!

3. You Can Play As The Coach

The option to take a hands-off approach to this game and just instruct your team on what play to do next wasn't new, however it was perfected in Tecmo Super Bowl. With twice as many plays as its predecessors. Tecmo knew how to give you all the options necessary to succeed without overwhelming you with choices. Simple, intuitive, and fun!

2. The Most Fun Beating Your Friend

As frantic as the action on screen gets, the gameplay always remains fluid and responsive. It's an incredible feeling to pick up and play, regardless of how much you know about football. This makes it the perfect game trash talk over while you're running up the field with even your most casual sports fan friends.


Every year for over a decade, people have travel across America to participate in high-stakes Tecmo Tournaments. These are relatively common events that are held annually all over the USA. Let that sink in for a moment. Now, name me one other sports game that still draws devotees from across the nation, over two decades after its release. There isn't one! Tecmo Super Bowl is one of a kind. And its impossibly long-lived fan-base is a testament to that fact!

There are a lot more than five reasons to love the heck out of this masterpiece, so let me know if I skipped any. Or, maybe you even take issue with some of the reasons I listed? Either way, I look forward to reading all of your comments.

Tecmo Super Bowl - Buy for NES

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