5 Reasons Why the Retron 3 is the Number 1 Old School Game System.

Posted by Drew Steimel on Mar. 9th, 2018

There are a lot of different Retro Consoles on the market today. We have played them all and have an all around favorite system for a number of reasons. Here are the top 5 reason why the Retron 3 is our is the number 1 old school system.

5. 3 Systems in 1

Why Have 3 different consoles when you can just have 1. Effeciency is important and with the Retron 3 you're way ahead of the game. It's 3 of the greatest consoles ever in 1. Now you have more space on your shelves for all the games you want to get and maybe a picture of your family.

4. NES, SNES and Genesis Controller Ports

Everyone knows the original controllers are the best. The Retron 3 has ports for NES, SNES and Genesis. Most of the other systems do this as well, but the Retron 3 does 3 systems. Sweet!

3. HDMi Converter Upgrade

Does your TV or monitor only have a HDMI port. Well don't worry, get your system upgraded with an AV to HDMI converter.

2. It Comes in Blue

Most consoles back in the day were all grey and black and I like that. But I like blue and when I saw that it come in my favorite color I jumped on it. It also comes in black and red, but Blue is the coolest.

1. The Price

For around $50 with Free Shipping and a free 120 Warranty you can get a system that will play all the original NES, SNES and Genesis games on 1 game console, with original controller ports and HDMI upgrade. There are other great newly made retro consoles, but for the price and for what it will give you the Retron 3 is the king.

Retron 3 System in Blue

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