5 Things You Never Knew About Your Classic Game Boy System.

Posted by Rich Saucier on Jan. 20th, 2021

Breakout Your Original Nintendo Game Boy Handheld For Some Rad Facts You Didn't Know.

We have all played through our Game Boy games. Yearning to learn more about the most loved original gameboy handheld ever. Sometimes you want a little change to make things different or spice things up a bit. Well, today you are in luck! Here are five things you probably did not know about you favorite portable system.

1. The original Game Boy was the first video game system in space! 

Russia brought along what any one would bring on a long journey... His favorite game. which was... Tetris, of course.   

2. You can edit and print your pictures while playing mini games.

With the easy to use Game Boy Camera, it's as simple as that. Insert the camera, start shooting. Add effects like mustaches, shapes or several of the many things offered in game with the Game Boy Camera Cartridge. Along with the mini games included you can have as much fun as your imagination allows. If you want to take it to the next level, Try the Game Boy Printer. Print out all those silly pictures you took over the years. 

One more fun note about the camera. Check out the face that pops up with a question when you press Run with the camera cartridge playing.

3. Your Game Boy games can play on your TV.         

  Tired of looking at your little puny screen? Try a Super Game Boy or a Game Boy Player. Allowing you too exponentially increase your screen size. Bigger is certainly better in this case.

4. Original Game Boy games can play in color.

  Your original Game Boy games play in color on your Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance handheld systems. No codes, no cheats, just pop in your game, power on and enjoy.

5. Twelve secret changeable colors for your original Game Boy games on GBC and GBA's.

GBA Color Palette

  This tip may give players the incentive they need to replay the games they have enjoyed once upon a time. Each of the color palettes have 7-10 colors and all work quite nicely. With palettes like Negative, Gray Scale and Pastel Mix, It is hard not to be interested in seeing all your favorites with a twist. 

  Nintendo made this so easy to do, it is also very easy to miss. Simply use any combination of the D-Pad and the A or B button at the Game Boy opening screen and Presto!  Changing these Colors instantly improve replay-ability on your games. You can change the colors to suit your mood or the environment you are in. 

  Certain games like Donkey Kong had a special boarder that you can only get on that game! Others like Metriod II or the Wario Land series have their own Color Palette.


Here are a few things to keep in mind...

  1. This only works on Original Game Boy Game and Duel Cartridges (Black case).
  2. You can change the color palette each time you turn your system on.
  3. You can not change the color palette after the games title screen appears on your screen.
  4. There are a tiny amount of original Game Boy games not compatible with the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance systems.

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