6 Best Retro Nintendo RPG Games

Posted by Joey on Jun. 28th, 2016

RPG's, or Role Playing Games, are one of the most popular genres of games, and definitely have the largest cult following. Dragon Quest was one of the very first, and future RPG's drew heavily from it.

DKOldies favorite RPG's from NES, SNES, N64, Genesis, and Gamecube systems. Take a look at what they chose....

6) Earthbound - "Earthbound is the 2nd game in the 'Mother' trilogy. It had a great story and was unique because it took place in present day rather than the distant future or past."

5) Super Mario RPG - "Super Mario RPG was a new spin on the Mario games I was used to playing. Since it was developed by Square, it shared a lot of similarities with their other games like Final Fantasy which I am also a fan of."

4) Mega Man 64 - "Mega Man 64 was a huge change for the series and it featured 3-dimensional worlds and movement. I have logged countless hours into this game."

3) Chrono Trigger - "Chrono Trigger had one of the most memorable stories in an RPG for the SNES. The music was amazing and it had multiple endings and a cool battle system."

2) Tales of Symphonia - "I loved Tales of Symphonia because it used a real time 3D battle system and allowed 4 players to fight at the same time. The cut scenes were high quality and used an innovative cel-shaded art style."

1) Dragon Warrior - "Dragon Warrior started it all. It had really tough battles and unique enemies. It's known as one of the most influential games of its time."

What do you think of the employees' picks? Did they overlook any major titles? Take a look at our other RPG games on our website, and let us know in the comments what your 3 favorite RPG's are!

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