7 Final Fantasy NES Game Tips, Cheatcodes, Tricks and Easter Eggs

Posted by DKOldies on May. 13th, 2015

Final Fantasy is one of the most influential RPG games of all time and has a ton of Secrets. We found these little known secrets in this classic Role Playing Nintendo Entertainment System masterpiece. From Zelda references to mini games. It's time to relive the journey!

Bonus Games

1. Secret Puzzle Easter Egg

Push A and B together 55 times while on a ship and the Final Fantasy Puzzle game will start. The object of this mind teaser is to move each block into it's numerical sequence.

2. The Bane Sword

In the Sky Castle on Level 1, you will find a chest. In it you will find the Bane Sword to use as an item. The Bane Sword will cast Bane and you can defeat the multi-headed unique Dragon, Tiamat.

3. Read the Lefineish Slab

To read the slab you must find Master Unne, the professor who studies Lefineish. To find him you must first get the Slab from Kraken's Castle Underwater. Then go to the first town after Nerdrick destroys the rock with TNT, the village that the Vampire destroyed the clinic in. In the North West corner of town, by the graveyard you will find Master Unne and he will decipher the Slab. Now you can go to the Lefineish's Village!

4. Link's Gravestone Easter Egg

In the town Elfheim, where all the gravestones are. Click the one to the left and it will say, "Here lies Link." Nothing like paying homage to a Legend already!

5. Fight Warmech


There is a long bridge in the Sky Castle, just before you fight Tiamat. If you're lucky you may encounter a unique and more powerful enemy called Warmech. This battle is random and there is nothing you can do to make certain of the encounter except repeatedly going over the bridge. He is one of the toughest enemies in the game , if not the toughest.

6. Find Hidden Spells

Northeast corner in the town Lefein you will find a hole in the wall Go through it and find these awesome level 8 wizard spells. White Magic spell LIF2: brings character back to life with full HP, Black Magic spell NUKE: About 400 points of fire damage to all enemies.

7. Early Upgraded Items

Beat the earth fiend, and get the canoe from the circle of sages at Crescent Lake.


Go to the ice cave, get the floater, then go to the castle of ordeals and get the rats tail. Your characters must be upgraded and have 50000 gp's. Go to the caravan and buy the Bottle, go to Gaia and get the Oxyale from the Farie, go into the Submarine, at Onrac, up stairs and get all the chests in the top room and the Slab.

Check back for more tips and Easter Eggs as we will update this page periodically.

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