7 Legend of Zelda Games you need!

Posted by Ben on Jul. 15th, 2021

The Legend of Zelda's popularity is soaring with the rumors of a Breath of the Wild sequel! Whether you're familiar with the franchise or looking to go back to where it all started, we compiled a list of the seven Zelda title you can't miss.

  1. Legend of Zelda - NES

    You cannot start a list of Zelda games without mention the game introduced us to our hero Link and princess Zelda. We also meet the evil Ganon for the first time, doing everything we can to save Hyrule! 

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  2. A Link to the Past - SNES

    While Link always gets the best of Ganon, it's a big battle between the two in this Super Nintendo classic. This would also mark the first appearance of the Master Sword.

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  3. Ocarina of Time - N64

    Let's move things to the third dimension! The story goes through time, with the Link's Ocarina, to multiple dungeons and worlds to explore. You're the only hope for Hyrule to stop the new villain, Ganondorf.

    Zelda Ocarina of Time Nintendo 64
  4. Majora's Mask - N64

    Majora's Mask is a follow-up to Ocarina of Time, specifically two months after the events, where Link is sent to Termina. This world parallels his own of Hyrule, but the big difference is Termina is in danger of destruction, and Link has three days to save it.
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  5. Wind Waker - Nintendo GameCube

    With a change of scenery, Link is now at sea on a quest to save his sister from our established foe, Ganon. Explore the open waters with Tetra, the captain of the King of Red Lions, on your side.
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  6. Twilight Princess - Nintendo Wii

    Twilight Princess was originally scheduled for an exclusive GameCube release, but was delayed to be improved and optimized for the Wii. Link is stopping the Twilight Realm from taking over Hyrule, with the ability of going from Hylian to wolf in seconds!
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  7. Breath of the Wild - Nintendo Switch

    Finishing the Zelda timeline, Breath of the Wild is a current generation classic, where Link has awaken from a hundred-year slumber. Back in form, you must defeat Calamity Ganon to save the Kingdom of Hyrule.

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