8 Greatest Nintendo NES 8-Bit System Games Ever Made.

Posted by DKOldies on Jun. 1st, 2015

Amazing NES games have been put into a tournament style bracket and compete head to head to find the top 8 Games. After a furious debate, this is the outcome of the first round of eliminations.

Metroid NES

Metroid Vs Duck Hunt

Samus fighting the good fight against the worthy foe  Duck Hunt. Some say an easy battle, I say two games from different worlds and you never know how these things will turn out. Drew defended Duck Hunt by stating that old people love this game like no other. Drew "Every old lady that wants to buy a video game system remembers Duck Hunt." How right you are drew.

Winner: Metroid!
Next Opponent: Legend of Zelda

Tecmo Super Bowl Vs Mega Man 1

This debate caused Drew to burst a blood vessel in his Left Eye. Freeing up more blood to his brain, he was able to overpower Anthony in an almost demonic war of 8-Bit words. With T.S.B. being one of Drew's favorite games of all time, there was no surprises that he got his way.  MegaMan 1 is no more in this Tournament.

Super Tecmo Bowl

Winner: Tecmo Super Bowl!
Next Opponent: Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

Castlevania Vs Tetris

Tetris in a bout against the creepiest of creepy games, Castlevania. Count Dracula himself couldn't save this game from the most well known puzzle game in history of video games. It didn't hurt that Anthony has been obsessed with this game at the expense of his personal life. Anthony neighbors may think he's a puzzle playing hermit, but he doesn't care. His high score is 120,056 with 142 lines reaching his pinnacle at level 16.

Winner: Tetris!
Next Opponent: Super Mario Bros 1

Contra Vs Double Dragon 2

Contra NES

Co-Op classics  Contra  and Double Dragon 2 in a gritty battle left only a single winner. Billy and Jimmy couldn't pull it off while the two commandos, Pfc. Bill Rizer and Pfc. Lance Bean blasted them with a spread gun, into the mud and proceeded to flip over them on there way to the next round.

Winner: Contra!
Next Opponent: Super Mario 3

Did your favorite games move on in our list?

If not, leave a comment below on what we missed.

Check out our DKOldies Video Podcasts to see how this all played out and check out next week for Part 3 of the Quest for the Best NES games of all time. 


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