8 Toughest Boss Battles In Retro Gaming's Past

Posted by DKOldies.com on Jul. 23rd, 2015

Say hello to the enemies that you don't want to meet, these are the most difficult opponents in your favorite games. These are the bosses that made you sweat, cry and shout for joy, If you defeated them. These characters are burnt into our memory because we have spent countless hours trying to beat them. Sometime to no avail. Take a trip down memory lane with your most hated adversaries.

8. Mike Tyson from Mike Tyson Punch-Out!! 

Watch out for his upper-cut! It will put you on the mat where you belong. Once you find his tell-tale signs it is possible to beat him, but man, is it tough.

Mike Tyson

7. Mother Brain from Metroid (NES) 

Mother Brain's stage is extremely tricky. The three D's of this board are dip, duck, and dive. If you can't master that, blast off. 

Mother Brain

6. Chaos from Final Fantasy (NES) 

"But I will be reborn once more. So even as you die, again and again, I shall return. Born again in this endless cycle I have created!" —Chaos 


5. Dr. Willy from Mega Man 7 (SNES) 

Highly regarded as one of the toughest bosses on the SNES. Battle through the stages of his teleporting escape pod to stop the mad doctor. 

Dr Willy

4. Gades from Lufia 2 (SNES)

A lesser know boss that can be avoided. An almost impossible fight if you are a low level.  


3. Emperor Demon Gyaba AKA Jagger Froid, Red Falcon from Contra III (SNES)  

He's back! The reoccurring creature from pretty much every Contra game there is. This time he is tough as nails!

Emperor Demon Gyaba AKA Jagger Froid, Red Falcon

2. Giant Baby from Zombies Ate My Neighbors (SNES)

Possibly one of Dr Tongue's experiments gone wrong. We will probably never know. There is no need to take it easy on this tenacious toddler because you get to rescue him after his defeat.

Giant Baby

1.Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7 (PlayStation)

The final boss in the most famous and loved Final Fantasy game ever made. Sephiroth does not hold back so use your most devastating attacks to defeat the one winged angel. 


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