Actually, You Always could Shoot the Duck Hunt Dog!

Posted by Steven Collier on Feb. 9th, 2016

Duck Hunt for the original Nintendo Entertainment Systems has caused untold amounts of annoyance whenever that snickering hound appeared to mock your failures. For three decades it's tormented you. But now, after thirty years of tireless research, discoveries have been made that will enable your childhood dreams can come true: you can finally get back at that friggin' dog.

Duck Hunt Dog Laughing

Although there aren't really any cheat codes to help you tackle Duck Hunt on your own terms, there are a couple of tricks that'll confuse the game long enough to give you the winning edge. For instance: if you tart a target shooting game with an extra controller plugged in to port 1 and the light gun in port 2, you can literally freeze time! All you have to do is press start on the controller in port 1 to pause the game. Then, when you unpause the game, all the targets will stay frozen in place for a few seconds, giving you more than enough time to line up a clean shot.

Duck Hunt Duck getting Shot


If freezing the screen isn't enough for you, there's another way to show Duck Hunt who's the boss. However, you'll need a friend. Once again, plug a normal NES controller into port one, and a light gun into port 2. When you select "Mode A" at the options screen, the player holding the NES controller will actually be able to control the ducks! They can use this power to set you up for the perfect shot, or to make the game harder than ever before. So, choose your accomplice wisely!

But, How do I Shoot the Dog?

Duck Hunt Dog holding dead duck

Okay, this is all great, but you're still wondering how you can finally get back at poochy for three decades of abuse. can't. At least not on the original Duck Hunt game. But, it's sequel is another story...

Wait! There was Another Duck Hunt Game?!!

Vintage Nintendo Ad for Stand Up Vs. System

 In 1984, the same year Duck Hunt was released to the NES, another version called Vs. Duck Hunt was shipped out to hundreds of arcades. Vs. Duck Hunt was part of the Nintendo Vs Series line of arcade cabinets. These arcade cabinets  played Nintendo games that were mostly identical to their home console counterparts, but were specifically constructed with two-player mode in mind. However, the Vs edition of Duck Hunt contained a few extra features including more animations, harder difficulty, and the ability to finally blow the dog away. Doing so would automatically earn you a game over, but for 25 cents, I'd say it was more than worth the cost.


Vs. System Duck Hunt Ending Screen Shot

Duck Hunt NES Game

Buy Duck Hunt - For the NES

How many knew about Duck Hunt's 2-Player mode? Did any of you get to try out the Vs System machines while they were still in arcades? Does knowing that the dog took a face full of buckshot finally offer you some closure? As always let me know in the comments.

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