Amazon no longer allowing the sale of Nintendo products

Posted by Joey on Nov. 1st, 2019

** Update 11/4/19 **

A day after this announcement, Amazon said that the change was a mistake. A spokesperson said "Yesterday’s email was sent in error and all impacted listings were reinstated within hours".

This came as welcome news to hundreds of Nintendo resellers who rely on Amazon's massive marketplace for their livelihood.

This move just goes to show the power that Amazon has over the huge amount of sellers that use their platform. They can make changes like this on a whim and it often leaves sellers without any explanation or clear guidelines on how to proceed. It's dangerous when your business depends on another party that can make drastic changes often without explaining them at all.

It is also expected that this change will in fact be coming in the future especially because of a court ruling in July that said that Amazon could be held liable for counterfeit products that are sold on their site. We can only hope they will communicate it better when that time comes.

Original article: 

Amazon announced that starting November 1st 2019, you can no longer buy or sell used Nintendo products on the Amazon marketplace. Don't worry because you will always be able Buy and Sell directly at

As of now it is not clear whether it is Amazon or Nintendo who is forcing this action. There is speculation that it could be due to the high amount of counterfeit cartridges that are sold there. 

Tell me in the comments what this means for you.

Here is the email that all sellers are getting:

Dear FBA seller,
Please read this email carefully. The listing information described below may affect your ability to sell certain products.
As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible customer experience, we are implementing approval requirements for Nintendo products.
What does this mean for me?
Effective on 2019-10-31, you will need approval to list the affected products. If you do not obtain approval to sell these products prior to 2019-10-31, your listings for these products will be removed.
Why am I receiving this message?
You are receiving this message because you have sold affected products in the past. There is no penalty associated with this action.
How do I seek approval to sell the affected products?
If you would like to seek approval to sell the affected products, complete the following steps to start the application process:
In Seller Central, click the Inventory menu, and then select Add a Product.
Search for the ASIN you want to sell.
In the search results, click the Listing limitations apply link next to the ASIN.
Click the Request Approval button to start the application process.
Can I still use FBA?
Effective on 2019-10-31, only sellers approved to sell the affected products may send shipments of those products to fulfillment centers.
How will this affect my existing FBA inventory?
If you have remaining inventory of the affected products in Amazon fulfillment centers, you may continue selling your remaining inventory until 2019-10-31. After 2019-10-31, you either need to (i) obtain approval to continue to sell the affected products or (ii) create a Removal Order for return or disposal of your remaining FBA inventory.
Although each Removal Order generates a “FBA Return Fee” or “FBA Disposal Fee” that appears in your Seller Central account, we will reimburse fees charged for any Removal Order for the affected FBA inventory placed till 2019-10-31. After 2019-10-31, you will not be reimbursed for removal fees charged for affected FBA inventory.
We appreciate your cooperation in this important matter, and thank you for selling on Amazon.
Regards, Amazon Services

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