An Exclusive Look Into How Orders Are Fulfilled at DKOldies

Posted by Joey on Aug. 12th, 2016

So you want to order a copy of Dr. Mario for NES? You log on to and submit your order, but what happens next? Keep reading to find out the several steps it takes to get your game delivered to your door. 

1)Your order is received

So this process begins in the morning with Rob the Shipping Manager. He logs into the DKOldies website and downloads all the orders we received from the previous day. The invoices are then printed out and paired with the shipping label that will go on your package. 

The following picture shows the invoice for your Dr. Mario purchase coming out of the printer.

Here's a closer view of your invoice. All the orders we ship include an invoice such as this.

2)All the items for the day's orders are picked from our shelves

Next we print what is called a 'pick list' which lists all the items required for that day's orders. This picture shows two of the pages from the pick list. 

We use a wheeled cart that we push through our aisles of merchandise and add all the items for that day to the cart. In the following picture you can see our associate Jeff starting to load the first cart with that day's orders. 

3)Clean your order

Next your game is cleaned. In this next picture you can see me cleaning the thumb-grip of your Dr. Mario game with a toothbrush. We use various items in the cleaning process including rubbing alcohol, q-tips, Goof-Off, and Magic Erasers. We also clean the chip to ensure the game works flawlessly in your system. 

This picture shows how your Dr. Mario started off...

And this picture shows the game after cleaning....

4)Package your order

Finally you can see me putting your game in a bubbled mailing envelope. Then I will put on your shipping label, and it will get taken by our USPS or FedEx person, depending on the shipping method you chose. 

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of what happens after you place your order. It's a team effort and it takes all of us here at DKOldies filling our specific roles to get your package to your door. It's a tough job but we love to share the joy that retro gaming provides. Check out our website for great deals on retro gaming systems and all the old game titles you loved as a kid!

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