Awesomely Authentic Nintendo Boxed Booty!

Posted by on Oct. 16th, 2014

Just In: NES, SNES, & N64  Cardboard Treasure!

Last week, we got in several collections and "The Motherload" was everyone's favorite. Here's a sampling of the game boxes from that collection and it will give you a good idea of the condition our original Nintendo brand empty game boxes come in. Many people consider their complete games to be a prized treasure piece of their collection.

Let us know below, what your favorite or most prized retro gaming item is in your collection.

DKOldies buys & sells retro Nintendo game boxes in good overall condition, free from any major rips, tears, creasing and without stickers and writing. We know collectors want these boxes and we make sure ours our good enough for you. If you have further requirements or want to look at a box before you get it, give us a call. We check to make sure they have no major flaws. Here is an example of original Super Nintendo game boxes for sale that we received in early October. 

DKOldies buys & sells compete games in good overall condition. We check to make sure they have no major flaws. Every complete NES and SNES game comes with the original cartridge, box, manual, sleeve, and box insert. N64 games will have the same minus the sleeves.  Here is an example of NES Complete CIB games for sale & a few N64 complete games for sale that we got in early October.

Feel free to share with us your most prized possession from your retro gaming collection. Leave your comments below and keep retro gaming like it was 1985!

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