Best Gaming System! Sega Genesis Vs. Nintendo NES

Posted by on Jun. 22nd, 2015

Which Side Are You On?

As you know DKOldies is the worlds leading experts in retro video games and that is why I am compelled to share with you the battle of the century. One of the biggest rivalries since console rivalries began. Sega Genesis versus Nintendo NES. You can recall when you and your friends were split between the two. You either loved one or the other. Here is where it ends. 

Nintendo Entertainment System - 1985

Nintendo NES was the console that saved the industry after Atari drove it into the ground. While at the same time literally driving unwanted E.T. cartridges into a land fill ground. With characters like Mario,ZeldaDonkey KongYoshi, and Ness and Nintendo Power magazine coming out every month making Nintendo a household name. Ever hear of a thing called the Nintendo World Championship? How about the movie the Wizard? Do you know what a Power Glove looks like? It doesn't matter if it even worked, it was so cool you still want one to wear at the office. It's easy to look back and see how a kid could get caught up in the hysteria Nintendo.

The NES console started out as the grey rectangular box as most of us know it. There was another version called the "top Loader" design where they eliminated the game tray and the game cartridge was vertically inserted into the console. All games were 8 bits and the most popular ones were featuring the characters we all know and love. 

In all the  NES had 826 titles and a lot of them were so great they are forever burn into our memory. 

Sega Genesis - 1989

Genesis entered into the 16 bit era in a big way. The most well known characters and titles included Sonic, Toe Jam and Earl, John Madden Football, and Michael Jackson's Moonwalker were all crucial to the success of the system. Genesis also took gaming more towards the mature audience. Titles like Mutant League, Tecnocop and  Splatterhouse showed video games were not just for kids any more. Genesis had three models each sequentially getting smaller with no real advantage between them.

Genesis had 915 titles and out of these there were many more "mature" titles than NES. 


Nintendo NES will be forever the best console ever. If saving the video game industry wasn't enough the characters, game periferals, and gameplay mechanics push this system over the top.  

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