Best Halloween Game Tournament bracket part 4 updated!

Posted by on Oct. 23rd, 2014

More winners announced!  Two more matchups need your vote.  Who will win?

Simon sends Ghost & Goblins back to the grave and the Zombies devoured the neighbors hiding in the mansion. Two new matchups today. #8 Eternal Darkness vs #9 Doom and #7 Nightmare on Elm Street vs #10 Ghostbusters!

Best Halloween Retro Game Tournament Bracket

Doom SNES VS Eternal Darkness Gamecube

Doom #9

Created 1st person horror genre. Immersive scary 3-D word. Blowing up monsters heads!  

Eternal Darkness #8

The game will literally play mind tricks on you like thinking the tv turned off!

Nightmare of Elm St Vs Ghostbusters

Nightmare of Elm St #7

Ultimate horror villian, 4 player action, kills you while dreaming, even day dreaming counts. Scary!

Ghostbusters #10

One of the greatest movies of all time. You get to strap on your proton pack and catch ghosts.

Leave a comment in the comments section below to vote for your 2 winners.

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