Best Jurassic Park Games of All Time

Posted by on Jun. 30th, 2015

Jurassic Park for the NES

Jurassic Park NES

The original JP game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This is a top down view similar to Metal Gear and is a great example of an action adventure title. Collect items and weapons to help on your journey to escape the island. You could compare the game-play to Zombies Ate My Neighbors.  

Jurassic Park for the SNES

Jurassic Park SNES

Basically a port of the first with more puzzles, more weapons, and better graphics. Another addition was the first person (Doom) stages. Very fun, very hard and very exciting to play. 

Jurassic Park Part 2: the Chaos Continues for the SNES

Jurassic Park Part 2: the Chaos Continues

This game was a total revamp of the first two. Contra like elements had this game straying away from the movie's stories. Some of the final battles include helicopter scenes where you fight other aircraft and some version of Hell where you still must battle for survival against many dinosaurs. 

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