Can Your Wii Play GameCube Games?

Posted by on Mar. 28th, 2022

How to know if your Wii will play original GameCube discs.

When the Nintendo Wii console first came out Nintendo made every system able to play all your old GameCube discs.

Well, why is it that some consoles will not play them?

Nintendo did this because it’s expensive and because as the years passed the demand for GameCube cooled down. Now, how can you tell if your old Wii will play GameCube? Nintendo was nice enough to give us a simple way to figure it out.

wii redesign Cant Play Gamecube Games on the Wii Console.

Look at the image of the Wii console above. It’s on it’s side and the Wii Logo is horizontal. These are the game systems that will not play original GameCube discs.

Look at the image of this Wii console below. When the Wii is standing up the the Wii logo is horizontal. These Wii consoles will play all your old GameCube discs.

How to play Gamecube Games on the Wii

Nothing could be worse for that crazed GameCube fan than to go out and buy an old Wii system and a copy of Super Smash Melee for the GameCube only to find that it just won’t play. That would be a long night.

Purchase a Wii Console that will play GameCube Games.

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