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Posted by on Apr. 29th, 2014

So you think you have explored all of Count Dracula’s Castle? Are you looking for a different kind of challenge? Some may think you have strayed from the path and wandered into the Village of Cheat, Population you! Why don’t we start with a simple phenomenon I like to call “Silent but Deadly”.

First, let the game demo play twice from the opening title screen before pressing start. The game will start and continue on without the music. Don’t fret, the sound effects are all there. That is, until you reset your system or become one of the newly demised.

Secondly, this “happening” is on the beginning of the second level. Destroying your first two foes with your mystic whip while screaming “Vampire killer!!!!” is the easy part. Back track to the far right landing and break the stones to reveal an opening. step inside and witness the dark magic that has made this castle a legend. Behold the Demonic Crown of 2000 points! Resist the dark thoughts in your head, beckoning you to retreat on your mission towards the Count. Instead, keep on traveling forward, up the stairs, to wondrously collect your crown, without even being near it!?

Last but not least, Magical Script entered into the game world with a Game Genie. Here are some incantations you can conjure so all your minions will call you a charlatan. Use at your own risk…

  1. AXOGOPIE Start with 40 power hearts
  2. SXXXYAAX Infinite time
  3. GZOGYUSE Keep weapons after losing a life
  4. PANKXPGA + PANGSAGA Start with 1 life
  5. AANKXPGE + AANGSAGE Start with 8 lives

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