Castlevania Hints and Tips

Posted by on Apr. 29th, 2014

Welcome to the creepy NES world of Castlevania. This Nintendo retro game is not for the week-hearted as you must battle your way through six classic levels of ghouls and creatures in an attempt to find and destroy the Evil Count.


CONTROL PAD. Press the CONTROL PAD to move the character left or right. Pressing down on the CONTROL PAD will cause the character to duck.

A BUTTON. Press the A BUTTON to jump.

B BUTTON. Press the B BUTTON to crack the whip. Press the B BUTTON and up on the CONTROL PAD to use any weapons you may have found.

START BUTTON. Press the START BUTTON to begin game play or press to pause a game already in progress.

SELECT BUTTON. not used in this game.


The eerie land of Castlevania is loaded with power up items and weapons. Find items such as the Watch (freezes the enemies for a limited time), the Cross (destroys all enemies on the screen), the Hearts (needed to use the special weapons – collect as many as you can), the Fire Bottle (throw fire bombs), the “II” symbol (also known as the double shot, allows you to throw weapons twice in a row), the “III” symbol (also known as the triple shot), the Meat (restores lost energy), the Money Bag (for adding points to your score) and the Invisibility Potion Pitcher (when you are invisible you are safe from danger). Also find power up weapons such as the Ax, Dagger, Boomerang and power up whips (two different lengths).


Aside from the whip you can carry only one weapon at a time so be sure you want to change before picking a new one. Large Hearts are worth five shots per weapon while the small hearts are worth one. You can not use the secondary weapon unless you have enough hearts.

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