Did you grow up playing Grand Theft Auto?

Posted by Jack on Dec. 17th, 2020

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the 7th installment of the GTA series, out of 15 games that span many years and consoles. But what makes this particular GTA so great that it still resonates in the minds of a generation?

While the original GTA is a gaming landmark, and GTA V's graphics are unrivaled, there are aspects of San Andreas that make it unforgettable.

San Andreas is not beloved for flashy graphics, but for it's in depth story that hits home in a personal way. The story then evolves into an adventure that has ramifications for populations of entire cities.

The acclaim doesn't stop there. Fans love the music, cutscenes, and what some retro gamers consider one of the greatest characters of all time: Carl "CJ" Johnson.

The gameplay, like driving and combat, feels solid and has the features we still hope to see in GTA VI.

Still the highest selling PS2 game of all time, retro gamers will remember 2004 as a special year in gaming history.

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