DK Sell Your Games - Just In Week Of 6/18/15

Posted by DKOldies on Jun. 18th, 2015

Another great week for Sell Your Games. Nintendo NES to GameCube check out the goodies that will be in the hands of some lucky customer very soon, possibly you.

Mega Man on the SNES is a huge hit with fans.

I received all the Mega Man games for the NES and SNES today. To clarify, That's Mega Man 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,X,X2,X3...(*Gasp*)...Wow that's alot! Plus the Pogs. 

Great Nintendo Entertainment System titles await your exploration.

Complete Super Mario 3's, RoboCop, and Turtles. As always Zelda, Tecmo Super Bowl ,and Castlevania make apperences. You will also notice some Tengen Cartriges in the mix. 

Nintendo 64 fix!

Nintendo 64 is a Nintendo Fan favorite. With titles like Mario Party, Legend of Zelda Ocarina and Majora's Mask, and Pokemon Coliseum 1 & 2 it's easy to see why. I always like the Ice Blue controllers and consoles too. Super Mario Bros. 3 Strategy Guide is a nice addition to this collection. 

SNES and Game Boy Advance.

A bit of a mix of SNES and Game Boy items came in and here we see some great titles like Sunset riders, Super Metroid, Contra III, Mario Super Circuit, and some Pokemon Saphire and Fire Red for the GBA.

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