DK Sell Your Games - Just in Week of 6/4/15

Posted by DKOldies on Jun. 4th, 2015

This week we got in some must see items. Weather you are an NES collector or a casual player of retro games you will enjoy what we have here for you. These collections come from people just like you. Acquiring natural collections is our goal so if you have something you are interested in let us know. Check these pictures out of our latest Sell Your Games purchases.  

Some cool Nintendo NES Games & Consoles 

Rare NES games top this nice haul for a single day!

NES Ghost LionL'Empereur, Entertainment Center complete all displayed with lots of goodies in between.


L'Empereur was nearly complete with it's Manual and poster. Great condition for a game we haven't ever seen here before.

Great condition strategy game just in the same day we did our podcast. Which by the way, if you haven't see yet, you have got to check out!


Nintendo SNES

SNES games came rolling in with some extremely popular titles on top and great games in general below.

SNES Chrono TriggerWorld HeroesOperation Logic BombMega Man XSuper Mario RPGSecret of ManaZombies Ate My Neighbors, and Killer Instinct are displayed.


Playstation 1

Final Fantasy was no exception with a rare find. No, you aren't seeing double. This is the Double Sephiroth print. Normally, one side is Sephiroth and the other is Aries looking at a flying ship. Thanks to Anthony Jr. for spotting this.

Final Fantasy 7

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