DK Sell Your Games - Just In Week of 8-13-15

Posted by on Aug. 13th, 2015

Sell Your Games pays a premium price for games and people are noticing. Here are some of the natural collections we got in this week.

Nintendo GameCube

The GameCube had some great titles and this collection has a lot of them. Wind Waker, Super Mario Sunshine, Harvest Moon, Mega Man Anniversary Collection. Even some Splinter Cell mixed in there. 

GameCube Collection Systems and Games


Here are a few book we got in. The Blaster Master book is actually a novel!

Old Retro Game Tip Books

Sega Master System, Genesis, and Game Gear

This was a great collection that caught my eye. The Genesis has the Power System Converter and that allows you to play Master System on the Genesis. No doubt, there are some great Master System games like Double Dragon and Shinobi. Also the games Streets of rage and Moonwalker are fun.

Sega MAster System Collection Systems and Games

Nintendo 64

These games are classics! If you have an N64, chances are you have these titles. Super Smash, Donkey Kong 64, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario 64, plus 4 controllers. 

N64 Collection

Nintendo Entertainment System

Here we have a small but fun collection of NES games. Included is the MAX controller and the Game Genie. I personally loved both, especially the Game Genie. It pretty much extended the re-play-ability of your games by giving you crazy codes. 

NES Collection

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

As you can tell this SNES is yellowed. This is sun damage and we sell these at a discount! Along with this is a load of great games. Super Mario All-Stars, Star Wars, Super Mario World, and the Donkey Kong Country Series. All amazing titles. 

SNES Collection

There it is, collections that came in this week. Thanks to all the people who sold in their games and I'm glad we could give you some well deserved cash! If you are interested in buying any of these games they are out for sale right here at and if you would like to sell your games Please visit our S.Y.G. page for our current price lists.

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