DK Sell Your Games Loot, See What Collections Came In. 10-4-2014

Posted by on Oct. 4th, 2014

DKOldies buys games everyday from customers through our Sell Your Games program. Each day we get mystery boxes in from around the world with retro gaming goodies inside. Everyday is different, we never know what will arrive and this is what we got in today.

DKOldies SYG Loot 10-4-2014

We got in some NES, SNES, N64 and Gameboy Advance SP systems, NES controllers and tons of games. For the N64 Super Smash Bros came in big today so expect a good price on that, also Mario Kart, MArio 64 and Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64. Two Stacks of NES, 1 of SNES and Gamecube, 3 stacks of Atari 2600 games and even some complete games for the Genesis and N64. 

We love getting in large amounts of NES Games and Super Mario/Duck Hunt. We try to pay top dollar for them at all times. There is also Zelda, Final Fantasy, Donkey Kong Classics, Metroid, TMNT and a few other cool titles.

Some SNES Games, we got in Mario World, Star Fox, Mario Kart, Mario All Stars and NBA Jam Tournament Ed. 

Game Boy Advance SP's with beautiful screen and in great overall condition. I love these systems because they can play all the original Game Boy titles, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance with a nice Back lit screen.

Atari Games for the old 2600, nice. Also, I really like that copy of Mario Party 3 complete in really nice condition.\

That's it for today. Check back and I will try to do this a few times a month to let you see what we get in on a given day.

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