DKOldies "Don't Get Scammed!"

Posted by DKOldies on Nov. 2nd, 2023

Don't get scammed, Fake games are known to have tons of issues and really only exist to scam people. Games like this are everywhere, including some of the biggest retailers in the WORLD! DKOldies not only never sells fakes they are always actively fighting against them.

It seems like most folks are okay with sell fakes or "reproductions", but DKOldies isn't! 

At first glance on an auction site, things can look promising! You’ll see tons of listings available for not a lot of money and there is a high chance they’re all counterfeit reproductions, and that means they’re illegal fake games.

 When you shop at DKOldies, you’ll have peace of mind that the games you’re buying are 100% real and authentic - we NEVER sell any fakes or reproductions! Tell us what you think!

Watch out this Christmas, because fake retro consoles and illegal emulators are popping up, even on legit websites. Don't be fooled! Nothing beats the authentic experience we're all about at DKOldies. Remember the hum of a real console or the feel of an actual game cartridge? 

That's what makes gaming special. One of our team members was reminiscing about the first time he played the Nintendo Wii with his Grandmother (She loved Bowling!). It's memories like those that make video games so special. So what's your best Authentic memory with a real-deal video game? Let's stick together and celebrate true gaming this holiday season.

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