DKOldies Employees Share Their Favorite Pokemon Games

Posted by Joey on Jul. 15th, 2016

The Pokemon GO phenomenon is in full swing and it is sweeping the nation. The employees of DKOldies are just as caught up in it as everyone else. It seems that wherever you go, there are groups of people, of all ages, trying to catch their favorite Pokemon. We thought this would be a great time to share our favorite Pokemon games and explain why we love them so much. By the way, in Pokemon GO the whole office is fighting for Red. Team Valor for ever!!

Jay - Tech Manager

Favorite Pokemon Character: Cubone

"I love Pokemon Gold version. It debuted several new Pokemon to the series and it had updated graphics for the Game Boy Color."

Zach - Customer Service Specialist

Favorite Pokemon Character: Hitmonlee

"I love Pokemon Stadium for N64 because you can see the Pokemon you've caught in 3D on the big screen. You can also use the Transfer Packs to transfer your data from Red, Blue, and Yellow into Stadium."

Ash - Sell Your Games Assistant

Favorite Pokemon Character: Grimer

"I really enjoyed playing Pokemon Blue. It was the very first Pokemon game I owned and I remember having a particularly tough time getting past the area with the dark tunnels."

Jeff - Shipping Extraordinaire

Favorite Pokemon Character: Pikachu

"My favorite Pokemon game is the Yellow version because it was the first version that really allowed you to feel like you were Ash, and Pikachu follows you around for the whole game!"

Dustin - Inventory Assistant

Favorite Pokemon Character: Jolteon

"Pokemon Red is my favorite. It's the first Pokemon game is owned and beat without using the rare candy glitch. You can also use the Game Link Cable to trade Pokemon between Red and Blue cartridges."

Anthony - Product Creator

Favorite Pokemon Character: Charmeleon

"My Mom got me Pokemon Silver when it came out and I played it for hours and hours. An internal clock was used throughout the game and it even affected things like your Pokemon's appearance."

Rob - Shipping Manager

Favorite Pokemon Character: Wartortle

"I put countless hours into Pokemon Blue on my Game Boy. I loved catching the rarer Pokemon and battling with my friends."

Joey - Social Media Assistant

Favorite Pokemon Character: Ninetales

"LeafGreen is my favorite Pokemon game because it came with a wireless adapter that made the multiplayer component so much fun! I also like that when you load a saved game, there was a short black and white sequence that replayed your earlier accomplishments."

Let us know in the comments what your favorite Pokemon games are, regardless of the system. Also tell us which team are you fighting for in Pokemon GO and it better be team Valor!

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